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Estate Planning

People do not like to think about sickness, incapacity or death, however, those are all unfortunate facts of life. Estate Planning concerns for clients with young families often center upon what will happen to their children and families should an unexpected disability or untimely death strike one or both parents. For other clients, designating representatives to act on their behalf should they become unable to act for themselves is a chief concern. There are also many estate planning issues that arise for couples in second or subsequent marriages. At TAMMARO LAW LLC, Attorney Kristine L. Tammaro will review your concerns with you and craft an estate plan that works for your family. Whether it is a power of attorney or a trust for children and/or grandchildren, TAMMARO LAW LLC will work with you to provide a comprehensive estate plan that addresses all of your family's needs and concerns.


The death of a loved one is a difficult time for family members. Whether the individual left behind a will or died without any estate planning documents, TAMMARO LAW LLC can guide you through the process. TAMMARO LAW LLC, can assist you with opening up an estate and   managing estate assets. Attorney Kristine L. Tammaro will work to ensure that the process proceeds in an efficient and timely manner.

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