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Family Law

Because it involves your family, the legal issues in this area of the law are emotionally charged and sensitive. Whether you are seeking to end a marriage, file for a change in custody, or enforce an existing decree, it is important to have a compassionate advocate who has knowledge and experience on your side. At TAMMARO LAW LLC, Attorney Kristine L. Tammaro will advise you on the best course of action for your situation. At TAMMARO LAW LLC, we handle all aspects of family law whether you need a prenuptial agreement or are a grandparent seeking to visit with your grandchildren. Attorney Kristine L. Tammaro understands that sometimes family law matters can not be resolved outside of Court and may require a more assertive course of action. Attorney Kristine L. Tammaro has your families' best interest at heart and always strives to promote cooperation if at all possible because she understands that once the case is over, you still have to live with the results.

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